Monday, December 14, 2015

Waves of Black Sand Nail Art by Lucy’s Stash

I have one final guest blogger this year, and a very special one at that. I am so very pleased to introduce Lucie of Lucy's Stash! I'm sure many of you are already fans of hers as I have been for quite some time! I follow her work for inspiration as she is always so creative and on trend. I'm really excited to have her here and just love the nail art she's created for this post. 

Hi everyone, I’m Lucie, Lucy’s Stash and I’m so happy to be here today and guest post for Emily! As she is enjoying the arrival of her baby girl, she has asked me and other bloggers to contribute with some nail art post. Emily is very lovely blogger and I feel so honoured that I could get to know her a bit more.

I’ve decided to show you a textured look that I called ‘Waves of Black Sand’ for obvious reasons ;) I really like different textures and here I’m combining the ruff sand texture with smooth and glossy nail polish. Let’s have a look at the manicure first:

I started with a coat of OPI Natural Nail base coat and then I’ve applied two coats of A England Wuthering Heights. I’m using nail vinyls to achieve this look so I needed to apply one coat of fast drying topcoat (Seche Vite) so that the layers of nail polish wouldn’t peel off with the nail vinyl. Once the layer of topcoat dried I gently pressed the nail vinyl with wave design on the nail. I’m using Pueen Vinyl Nail Stencil Set 1. I recommend to protect your skin with some latex product at this stage and to make clean up much easier (I’m using Bliss Kiss Simply Peel). Then I’ve used a makeup sponge and Zoya PixieDust in Dahlia to sponge on few layers. Always make sure that the nail sticker/vinyl is properly stuck on the nail to avoid the polish bleeding underneath and ruining the design. Once you’re happy with the height and look of the texture part, carefully peel off the sticker. There’s no topcoat, nothing more to do, just to let the nails to dry and harden.

So that’s my take on glossy & textured nail art. If you’d like to see a video tutorial, I’ve done one for a different design but the principle and steps are the same. Watch the tutorial here. If you’d like to follow my nail art adventures, you can do so on my Facebook, Instagram or YouTube channel.

Thank you so much Emily for having me and I wish you all the best to you and your family! Lucie x

Ooo! It's so beautifully unique and understated. You even used Wuthering Heights, possibly my favorite polish of the year! Thank you so much for your post Lucie, I am honored to be able to share your work with all my readers. xx

I am not usually big on watching tutorials, but Lucie's YouTube channel is an exception for me. You may remember my attempt at one-stroke petals (here) as I tried to recreate a look of hers. Mine didn't quite match up but the video at least gave me the courage to try! I highly recommend giving her channel a visit and don't forget to follow her blog and other social media so you don't miss out on any talented work!

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