Friday, December 4, 2015

piCture pOlish Bordeaux

Hello and happy Friday everyone! Today's post is dedicated to piCture pOlish Bordeaux, a stunning 2015 collaboration shade by stockist Nil Nails. Bordeaux is described as a "dark wine jelly scatter holo" and was inspired by the "rich texture, charming atmosphere, wine colour derived from the famous wine region." If you're a fan of red you will LOVE this one. And if you're not a red fan, you just may be now. The warm and rich earthiness of this one give it a sensuousness that I can't resist. (Apologies if that sounds ridiculous but it's true!) 

The smooth buttery formula applied like a dream. It gave great coverage in just one coat and was perfect in two. These photos are shown with two coats and no top coat. 

This polish photographed so well I wanted to inundate you with a ton of pics but I have restrained myself and stuck with my favorite four.

You can purchase Bordeaux for AU$13 from the piCture pOlish online store or one of their international stockist.

I think this polish is perfect for this time of year. It's not a Christmas red but would look good at any holiday party. Let me know what you think! Is this a must have for you?

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