NPS Declaration

Nail Polish Society Declaration

We, the distinguished members of the Nail Polish Society, do hereby declare our right to express ourselves through fabulous nails. Be they finger or toe nails, each shall speak with an unabridged voice. Through a rainbow of colors, textures, and designs, our voices will be heard.

The Nail Polish Society embraces people and polish of every nation, creed, coat, and color. As a sisterhood, we are united in our passion for polish and everything associated with it. We are women of vision, and character who:

Add upon our talents, skills, and knowledge through sharing, practice, and increased community.
Strengthen one another through love, friendship, and encouragement.
Dedicate ourselves to inspiring our fellow Society members.
Find nobility in our strengths and strengths in our weaknesses.
Delight in the quest for beautiful polishes and designs.
Love life and learning.
Rejoice in individuality and creativity and strive for improvement.

It is our enduring belief that we have a God-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of nail polish. The Society is open to all: young and old, newbie and master, messy and pedantic. If there is anything colorful, shiny, sparkly, shimmery or has a clever moniker, we seek after these things.


  1. So, I pretty much love this. I love the nod to AOF #13 ;) Clever you.

  2. Loved this! One of the most clever things I've ever read. <3

  3. That's so cute I love it I just want to try to memorize it lol.


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