Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Glam Polish Cast A Spell- The Sea Witch Collection (Limited Edition)

Hello lovelies! Sorry it's been awhile! I'll skip story time right now so I can just get this posted already. Let's see some swatches..

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Colores de Carol Mother Earth Trio and Mother's Day Duo

 *Press Sample

Hello lovely Society Sisters! I have another post for you today, five new shades from Colores de Carol! First is the Mother Earth trio which consists of three unique and pretty glitter crellies. The Mother's Day duo consists of two soft, muted holographics. Let's take a look..

Essie Spring 2019 Collection

*purchased by me

Hello lovelies! I have really liked the collections that Essie has made this past year. This Spring collection was no exception so I bought all six shades. The formulas were all nice and although not every one flattered me personally, I think they're all pretty in their own way. Let's take a look..

Monday, April 15, 2019

The Holo Hookup May 2019: Dreams and Nightmares

Hello my lovely Society Sisters! May's The Holo Hookup theme is "Dreams and Nightmares" and I love what each maker has come up with! And if you like blue and gray, this box is for you! This month the contributors are the three permanent indie brands- Cupcake PolishDifferent Dimensionand Glisten & Glow- with guest brand Quixotic Polish!

Friday, April 12, 2019

Different Dimension Out of This World Trio, POTM's, and B(EARTH)day

Hello lovelies! I have six new shades from Different Dimension to share! The formulas were all very nice and I didn't have any issues with application. I am especially loving the soft pastel shades at the end of the post. Oh and if you like multichromes, there is a really special magnetic you will love. Let's get to the swatches..

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Sally Hansen Mega Strength Nail Color

Hello lovelies! I have six new shades from Sally Hansen in their Mega Strength line to share, as well as a base and top coat. The colors all applied well with really nice formulas. I don't test out polishes for wear time or strengthening claims so I don't have much to say about that. However I did experience the top coat picking up the reds on the brush which was kind of a pain. I personally prefer fast dry top coats that are thicker and float over color better. Let's get to the swatches..  

Monday, April 8, 2019

China Glaze The Arrangement Spring 2019 Collection

Hello lovely Society Sisters! How was your weekend? Mine was great but now that's it's Monday I feel so ill prepared for the week. But I have pretty polishes to look at, so oh well! China Glaze's The Arrangement Collection consists of twelve shades of various finishes. I found the shade choices so interesting because there is a pretty good mix with many of them being not at all what you would expect for Spring. Maybe the goal was to appeal to people in both hemispheres? The downside was that most of the creme shades were more jelly like and very sheer. Color wise though, there are some very pretty selections!  

Saturday, April 6, 2019

KBShimmer Launch Party 2019 Trio

Hello lovelies! I am running on fumes right now so forgive me if any of this sounds like gibberish. I have a gorgeous magnetic flaky trio from KBShimmer to share with you! Magnetic polishes can be hit or miss with me. I wasn't able to get a visible effect with these, but it does make a subtle transformation. I've seen many other swatchers able to get the effect so it must just be a problem of mine. Either way, these are just stunning. 

"One year ago, KBShimmer took a leap forward and launched a new look to celebrate the anniversary of our 10th year in business!  We debuted our new logo and packaging featuring holographic accents by bringing you Launch Party, a beautiful magnetic space-themed collection! 
Now, we celebrate the one year anniversary of KBShimmer's new look - which we love even more today! - by bringing you a new magnetic top coat trio!  This trio features magnetic multichrome flakes and vibrant micro holo flakes for a celestial look that is out of this world!  Best worn over black or other dark colors when used with a strong magnet, this trio can also be worn alone in 2-3 coats when not magnetized for a unique multichrome finish."

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Rogue Lacquer Adventure Awaits: Isle of Wight Collection & New Orleans Polish Con 2019 LE's

Hello ladies! I've featured a couple of Rogue Lacquer polishes on my blog previously but today is my first dedicated post to the new-er indie brand. If I'm not mistaken they've been in business now for a full year now and I've been pretty impressed with what's been produced. So I was excited when Rachel reached out to me to review her new shades! I have seven new polishes- four from the Adventure Awaits: Isle of Wight Collection, and three that were created for the New Orleans Polish Con. Let's take a look..

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Polish Pickup April 2019: Famous Works of Art

Hello lovelies Society Sisters! I have five polishes from the April Polish Pickup, all inspired by famous works of art. In case you are unfamiliar, the Polish Pickup is a four-day event each month where dozens of indie nail polish brands create limited edition polishes inspired by the chosen theme. In addition to polishes there is now the "Indie Pickup" on the same website which offers cosmetics, hand & nail care, jewelry, etc, during the same dates. Let's take a look..