About Me

My name is Emiline Harris and I am a Women's Beauty Rights Activist.

I believe that every woman is entitled to define her beauty how she sees fit. It is her prerogative to wear red lipstick with her hair in rollers, diamond earrings to complement her gardening gloves, or gorgeous nail polish while in her sweatpants watching Star Trek episodes or reading a Jen Lancaster memoir.

I am passionate about my beliefs and, like an alluring lacquer extending from cuticle to carefully sculpted tip and everywhere in between, it is my desire to spread this message over the world.


  1. There is no one better to spread this message than you!

  2. I am LITERALLY watching Star Trek and polishing my nails right now. Right on, sister!

  3. I love it, and couldn't agree more! It sounds like the Pajama Femme manifesto I wrote about.

  4. Is there a quick link to buy the Sisters nail polish?

  5. Hi Emiline,

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  6. Hey there, I’m Andy!

    Ever since I was a child I loved finding beauty in everything. In clothes, interiors, people, places, foods… everything, really.

  7. Can we post our own images to this website?


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