Saturday, November 28, 2015

Guest Post by Cubbiful

I have another guest post to share with you! Today's guest is the sweet and talented Mina from Cubbiful. I have been following her blog for some time now and have more recently gotten to know her better. I am very excited to have her here! Mina inspires me with some of the cutest nails (have you seen this darling little polar bear?) It's no surprise then that this creation is so adorable! Let's take a look-

Hello, lovelies! 
I'm so happy to be here today, thank you so much, Emily, for opening your little corner for my crazy self. I bring a special mani for Emily and her most beautiful creation: her baby girl, Alice - let's take a look:

If you don't know me yet, let me tell you this: I love wearing anything cute on my nails and today's mani is no exception.

I chose to paint my nails with my most recent acquisition: LYNB Designs Gipsy Rose, because it's pink and it's holographic and I wish lil' Alice a rainbow-y life :) 

I then added some white polka dots and a ribbon for cuteness and chose a kawaii angel for her, too!
This was easy peasy to do and still made quite a statement.

And that's a wrap! If you liked what you just saw, come stalk me over on CubbifulFacebook or Instagram- we'll speak soon!

Thank you once more for the opportunity to play cute on your blog, Emily <3

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *

Thank you sweetie for the wonderful post and sweet words! I really appreciate the extra help as my hands are still quite full at the moment (I'm currently typing this with one hand). Please if you're not already a fan, go check out Cubbiful! Like me, I know you'll find a lot of nailspiration along with a big dose of cuteness!

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