Friday, February 8, 2019

ORLY Radical Optimism Collection (Spring 2019 Color Pass Box)

Hello lovelies! Today I have swatches of ORLY's Radical Optimism collection to share. This collection is part of the Spring 2019 Color Pass Box that also includes a full sized ORLY Nailtriation Nail Growth Treatment and a deluxe sample of Purlisse Watermelon Energizing Aqua Balm. The moisturizer has a yummy scent that I would rather have in a lip product and not all over the face, but I'll give it a try anyway. OH! And a sticker! I am obsessed with stickers and that seriously was the most exciting part about this box for me. I've stuck it to my Helmer organizer alongside my other stickers. Now let's not forget about the beautiful nail polish. I am enjoying the happy color palette and the formulas were consistently good for all six shades.

"These sophisticated yet bright tones harness the power to calm the senses, while simultaneously energizing the spirit. Fresh colors like aqua blue and light coral work to alter out moods by igniting a sense of hope and renewal for the season. This spring, spark your imagination and awaken your psyche with a healthy dose a Radical Optimism."

Lovella is a pale blush nude creme. I was impressed with the very smooth and even formula given what a light shade it is. Shown is two coats plus top coat.

Everything's Peachy is a soft, light peach creme. I wasn't sure if it needed another coat, but looking at my photos the coverage looks good. Shown is two coats plus top coat.

Positive Coral-ation is a slightly muted coral creme. Shown is two coats plus top coat.

Coming Up Roses is a light rose creme. Shown is two coats plus top coat.

Spirit Junkie is a pale cool lavender creme with delicate pink shimmer. The shimmer disappeared in my photo but is visible in person. Shown is two coats plus top coat.

Glass Half Full is a bright aqua blue creme with subtle shimmer. This is my favorite of the collection. I don't have any blues that are quite so vivid and happy! Shown is two coats plus top coat.

ORLY Color Pass subscribers get four lacquer collections (plus fun bonuses) delivered quarterly, before they hit shelves, for only $119/year. You basically get two collections per year FREE! To sweeten the deal I have something for my followers- Use my discount code NPSOCIETY to take $10 off!

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These polishes are available individually as well for $9.50 each.

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