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Nail Polish Society's February Spotlight: Emily de Molly

Hello Society Sisters! I am so excited for the second installment in my Spotlight Series! This month's spotlight is on Hayley, the talented creator of Emily de Molly. Hayley established her brand in 2012 and is based out of Canberra, Australia. She has a real gift for creating beautifully unique and unexpected shades and all of her polishes are 5-free, cruelty free, and vegan. Let's meet Hayley..

Tell us about your brand. What do you feel sets you apart or defines you?

I’m not sure if it sets me apart but I’m not afraid to try new things, in fact I really love it. Some brands are known for the one thing they do really well but I feel like my fans love the fact that I always have an array of finishes in my stores.

Emily de Molly Frail Promise

Emily de Molly Inked Chameleon

Where did the name Emily de Molly come from?

Emily was actually my dogs name. She was a huge part of my life <3
Unfortunately Emmy passed away a little while ago now due to a few health reasons associated with her old age. I’m so glad I named my business after her, she was truly special and will be remembered always.

Molly was the name of one of my best friends dog, and it was her husband who came up with the combined name of Emily de Molly during a brain storming session. My friend and I often joke that she deserves some sort of royalty for her help in the name department.

Emily de Molly Charismatic Puzzle

When did your love for polish begin?

It started when I was a child but I really remember loving it when I was a teenager. I was constantly painting my nails back then. I would probably have to attribute this love to my mother who always had beautifully painted nails.

Emily de Molly Embellished Response

Emily de Molly Little Hero

How did you make the leap into creating your own brand?

When I really got into polish, money was very tight. I thought making my own would be a cheaper alternative to buying all the polish. I would post my creations on Instagram and people started telling me they would love to buy it, it just grew from there.
I have always been the creative DIY type, so it was not far out of my comfort zone.

Emily de Molly Hanging Gardens

Are there advantages/disadvantages to being an Aussie based brand?

There are definitely disadvantages. Shipping is expensive within Australia and its really hard to send polish out of the country now due to customs regulations. This is why I sourced a USA based warehouse so I could still continue to share the love internationally.
As for advantages, we have an amazing community here, it may be much smaller than others but they know how to show their love and support for local makers.

Emily de Molly Dappled Lilac

Your polish names are always unique. Where do you come up with them?

I find naming to be one of the hardest parts of my job! I have a list of names that I keep on my phone, anything that I hear or see that takes my fancy, I add it to my list. When it comes time to name a polish I just go through my list and see what I think fits.

Emily de Molly Ill Fated

Do you have a dedicated space for your polish making? Can you tell us about it?

Yes, I’m lucky enough to have the spare room. I kind of out grew it quite sometime ago but I have to make it work until I can find a bigger area. 

Emily de Molly Heavy Aura

What is your favorite part of your job?

Creating new colours, I love it.

Emily de Molly Leave it to Me

What’s your least favorite part?

This can also be creating new colours. Some days I can be in my work room for hours and make absolutely nothing I love. It can be really frustrating when things don’t turn out as planned.

Emily de Molly Trips Abroad

Was there a specific polish or collection that “put you on the map” so to speak?

Cosmic Forces! So many people wanted that polish. Its a colour I almost didn’t release because it does require some effort to use but I’m so glad I did.

Emily de Molly Lost in Translation

What was your most popular shade of 2018?

Sea of Lies was very popular last year!

Emily de Molly Sea of Lies

Can you pick a favorite shade of yours?

I really, really cant.

Emily de Molly The World Belongs to Us

What can we expect from you in the future? Are there any goals you’re aiming toward?

I’ve been working on a gel range for quite some time now. I find this more challenging to formulate than regular nail polish though, so its taking awhile to finalise. I’m hoping to have some colours ready for launch in the next few months. I would also love to branch out into physical stores ( local boutique type places ) but its a matter of finding the time to implement these things.

Emily de Molly Save Your Boredom

Extra tids bits and thoughts:

*I was a long time admirer of Emily de Molly before I ever got my hands on any. I was first drawn to her glitter jellies because I had never seen them done so well.

*Hayley is such an expert swatcher and is a master especially of low light photos. If I could have someone else's nails, I would want hers. (Is that creepy?)

*Hayley came out with some AMAZING polishes last year and Sea of Lies and Save Your Boredom are def my top two picks. If you don't own them yet, do yourself a favor and buy them! Your nails will thank you ;)

Thank you Hayley for taking the time to give us a little look behind the scenes! I hope you all enjoyed getting to know a little more about her as much as I did!

Thanks so much for reading! Stay tuned for swatches of eight new Emily de Molly shades later this week. To keep up to date on her new releases and to show some love, follow the links below:

Emily de Molly

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