Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Zoya Element Fall 2018 Collection

 *purchased by me

Hello ladies! I'm excited to share the Zoya Element Fall collection with you! I purchased it a few weeks back when Zoya had an awesome deal (essentially buy one, get one free). At first glance it may seem a bit boring and repetitive with all the pinks, reds, and purples. Honestly though I was pleased with almost every shade and there are many that I can't wait to wear again. It seems to me that the creme formulas have changed to be a bit thicker. I don't mind that much, I just wasn't prepared for it at first. I know I had some staining from one/some of the darker shades but can't say who is the culprit because I noticed it later. That's no surprise though with dark reds. Well let's get into it already..

Devin is a steel blue with hints of multicolored shimmer in a dense foil finish. The formula is thin but applied smooth and even with no streaks. Shown is three coats plus top.

Rumor is a pale mauve with a subtle frosty shimmer. There is some ugly bottle syndrome happening already as you can see. The overall color isn't bad but I am not a fan of the finish with the streaky brush strokes. Shown is two coats plus top.

Jenna is a dusty rose creme with blue undertones. A lovely pink with a nice formula. Shown is two coats plus top.

Ruthie is a muted berry rose creme. Another good one with no issues. Shown is two coats plus top.

Maryann is a pink-toned rose with soft glowing shimmer. The shimmer in this shade is so much nicer than the one above. There's no streakiness and the color is beautiful. Shown is two coats plus top.

Kendra is a deep marsala creme. This was the first one I applied and it seemed to have a thick formula, but maybe I just wasn't used to the more plasticized formula these cremes all seemed to have. Shown is two coats plus top.

Alyssa is a red wine creme. Not anything original but still a nice shade. Shown is two coats plus top.

Leighton is a deeply saturated blackened aubergine cream. It may look black here but I promise that up against a true black this leans purple. Shown is two coats plus top.

Rachael is a deep vampy red creme. The second almost black shade in the collection, but you can definitely tell it's a red. Shown is two coats plus top.

Maeve is a concord grape cream. This one is for the purple fans! Shown is two coats plus top.

Donnie is a purple-toned sangria creme. One of my favorites of the collection! Shown is two coats plus top.

Gardner is a deep periwinkle with a vibrant magenta shimmer in a dense foil finish. This has a thicker formula so you don't want to load too much on your brush. The sparkle is so pretty in this one! Shown is two coats plus top.

This collection is available through zoya.com and each shade retails for $10.

Well there you have it. I always have been a fan of cremes so I was pretty pleased with this collection. My top picks would be Kendra, Donnie, and Gardner.

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