Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Emily de Molly October Release

 *press sample

Hello friends! I have eight new shades from Emily de Molly to share. Once again Hayley did what she does best- created some unique and unexpected shades that you've never seen before. The formulas are always great and I didn't have any application issues. Two of these shades are magnetic though and for me they were very subtle in the magnetic effect. I'm interested to see other swatchers' photos to see if it was just me. Let's take a look..

Sea Of Lies is a blue base with pink/green/blue aurora pigment. I'll begin with the pièce de réstistance. What a magical shade! The application was nice and smooth. Shown is two coat plus top coat. 

Glitters Reign is a dark purple base with copper shimmer and silver holo micro glitters. This has my name all over it- the copper gives this a beautiful browned look. Shown is two coat plus top coat.

Midlife Crisis is a reddish base with lime to pink shifting foil type shimmer. Now this shade is super unique, I really have nothing like it. Shown is two coat plus top coat.

Version Of A Truth is a dusty  lavender (warm) to dusty pink (cold) thermal with green to pink shifting shimmer and silver flakes. The thermal shift is very subtle so if you don't like them real dramatic, you'll love this one. Shown is two coat plus top coat. 




The World Belongs To Us is teal green base with pink/copper/gold shifting shimmer and copper flakes. This is my second favorite shade. The combination of colors and elements is very symbiotic. Shown is two coat plus top coat.

Today At Noon is dark pink holo with an orange/copper magnetic effect. This is a one coater (but of course I did two)! The magnetic effect is visible, but subtle. Shown is two coat plus top coat.

Electric Arc is a light neutral holo with silver holo micro glitters and a light icy blue magnetic effect. Now this is the shade where the magnetic effect was nearly invisible for me. I could barely see it in person but I'm not sure if you can tell in the photos. Shown is two coat plus top coat.

The Calm One is a dusty peach with gold micro flakes. This is just a lovely almost neutral shade with a little flare. Shown is two coat plus top coat.

These new shades will be available October, Thursday the 18th at 10am AEST (Australian site) 
www.emilydemolly.com.au and October, Wednesday the 17th at 8pm EDT (US and international site)  www.emilydemolly.com

Emily de Molly

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