Monday, November 3, 2014

piCture pOlish Imperial

Hello lovelies! Today I have gorgeous (I dare you to disagree) polish to show you. PiCture pOlish Imperial is a 2013 collaboration shade by The Swatchaholic. I purchased Imperial last month and it has quickly become one of my favorite PP shades. 

Imperial is a rich purple with a slight neon base that makes it appear much more blue in photos. It has a beautiful blend of small gold hex glitter, blue/pink flecks, and subtle holo sparkle. The formula is great and easy to apply. I used three thin coats, plus topcoat.

I love the delicate size of the glitter and how it has the perfect amount of distribution. It's decadent and fun without being over the top.

This last photo is taken in the shade and shows the polish closer to its actual hue.

My kingdom for these sparkles!... One of my favorite taglines too!

Imperial is available through the piCture pOlish website or through these international stockist.

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