Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Shimmer Polish Swatches and Review Part One

Hey ladies! Nail Polish Society has been a little quite for the past week as I've enjoyed birthday celebrations and extra time with family. I'm back today with some more Shimmer Polishes to show you. I have a total of ten that I have divided into two posts so as not to overwhelm you (or myself) with so much fabulous glitter! Just as my previous Shimmer Polish post, I have swatched each polish over bare nails to showcase the individuality of each one.

Formula and Application: The glitter was densely packed and applied evenly. There was no fishing for glitters issues. The glitters were all high quality with no curling on the larger glitters. They all laid flat on the nail easily, with the exception of Tammy which had a slightly different texture with the bar glitters. The suspension base is a good, thin consistency.

Bottle and Brush: The bottle cap was the only thing I had issues with. Something about the shorter handle made it difficult for me and my big man hands to open. If you have regular sized hands it is not likely to be a problem. The brush is thin, pliable, cut evenly and distributed the glitters well.

Now let's get to the photos-

I'm going to start with one of my favorites! Natalie is a really pretty combination of light blue, turquoise, copper, and gold glitters in a clear base. The bottle shot is my favorite. I could stare all day! This is two coats plus topcoat.

Airriann is another cool and interesting combination of pale pink, lilac, blue, gold, copper, and black glitters in a clear base. The pink glitter is so pale that the overall effect makes it appear more copper-y. This is three coats plus topcoat.

Eva is the only one I have that is a solid color. The base is a rich wine red and is filled with red and silver microglitter that gives it a gently textured finish. You know that I love a good red polish and this is a beautiful shade. Oh, and if you noticed a weird lumpy spot on my ring finger, that was from messing up the polish while it was still wet and I didn't want to redo it :P. This is two coats plus topcoat.

I think Vanessa is a great name for this shade as I somehow image her as an intense gothic type or perhaps a biker chick. Don't ask me why. The suspension base is a very sheer black and is filled with black, red, and silver holographic hex glitters and fine black and silver microglitter. This is two coats plus topcoat.

Okay so maybe Sarah might be my favorite out of the bunch. I mean, just look at it! This shade is peacock explosion of jewel toned glitter in a slightly tinted green base. This is three coats plus topcoat.

Each bottle retails for $12, and can be purchased at the Shimmer Polish shop
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What do you think of these shades? I love how much variety there is! Stay tuned for my Part Two swatches and review for more glittery goodness.

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