Thursday, June 5, 2014

Blog Update: Disqus Commenting System, Tell Me What You Think!

Hello beautiful readers! I have a big favor to ask of you. First, let me explain. I've just upgraded my blog's comment management system to Disqus. I've commented in many other blogs who use this system and I've found it really easy to use. I have, though, seen a few people say they don't like it for this reason or the other (I can't really remember what the issues were).

Because your comments are SUPER important to me (how else do I know what you think?), I am asking for your feedback. I know some of my readers have had issues using their mobile device accessing the basic blogger comment system that I've used until now. My biggest concern is that everyone has access to the new system. You DO need to create a Disqus profile to comment. I created my profile months ago and it was quick and painless.

So my call to action is: PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT! Tell me if it's working okay, if you like it, or with any other thoughts you'd like to add! If you are having issues and are not able to comment on this post, please visit my facebook page and leave your comment there.

Thank you SO MUCH for your help! It is greatly appreciated. And thank you for being such a fabulous reader!

xx Emiline xx

p.s. For fellow bloggers: If you want to add Disqus to your blog, it was really easy. If you want any help with the process, I found this tutorial to be very helpful.

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