Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Colores de Carol Spring Gala 2015 Collection

First things first, I need to apologize for being so inactive on my blog this month. Secondly, I really need to apologize for the quality of this post. My kitchen remodel is finally done- yay! In the midst of things, I thought I'd lend a helping hand (big mistake) and ended up getting my fingers smashed between a refrigerator and a door frame. I will spare you the details, just know it wasn't a pretty picture.  Not knowing how long it would take my fingers to heal, and needing to get some swatching done, I went with my only other option. So please forgive me for my weird nail shape, inconsistent poses, and wonky application. It was not easy working with my other hand!

Okay, now that we've gotten through that long explanation, let's talk about the nail polishes. Today I have for you the Colores de Carol Spring Gala 2015 Collection. It consists of seven crelly and pastel mini glitter polishes. I was excited to try these out because I really don't have any others like them.

Formula and application:
Colores de Carol polishes are all 5-free (meaning no Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor). I found the consistency of the formula to be good, if a little on the thin side. The glitters are small enough that you can get even distribution easily. For each swatch I used three thin coats with top coat (I forgot top coat on one of them). 

Bottle and brush:
The bottles contain .5 fl.oz./ 15ml. The brushes are skinny and round. The length is medium sized and flexes well for application. 

Blue Calypso- A soft sky blue. The crelly base is slightly more white than appears in the photo. 

Peach Ballet- A peaches n' cream combo. The glitter and base has the most contrast of the whole collection.

Buttercup Orchestra- A creamy yellow base with warm yellow glitters.

Spring Extravaganza- This is my favorite of the bunch. It combines many of the glitters form the collection with blue, pink, peach, and yellow glitters. It reminds me of Philly Loves Lacquer Wooder Ice that I reviewed last month. Oh, and this is the one that I forgot a top coat, so it doesn't look as smooth.

Strawberry Rosé- With the pale pink base and pastel pink glitter, the contrast is the most subtle in this one.

Mint Gelato- I know this looks a lot like Blue Calypso here, but this polish is more green than my camera wanted to capture.

Pear Samba- Pear is a very apt name for this subtle green.

Don't these all make you long for Spring? I hope you can see past the failings of my photos and get a good idea of the polish itself. Which one do you like the most?

Each retails for $10 and are available at Colores de Carol.

Colores de Carol

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