Monday, September 1, 2014

31DC2014 Day 01: Red, University of Utah Utes

For this first prompt of the Challenge I immediately knew what I wanted to do. Last year for the Blue Nails prompt I created a Brigham Young University Cougars mani. So I thought it was fitting to do a mani of their arch-rivals, the University of Utah Utes. 

I mentioned in that post that I have many members of my family that have attended and graduated from BYU.  Well I also have a number of U of U alums in my family too. Actually my husband did some schooling at BYU, but graduated from the U of U. So here's my I'm-not-playing-favorites shout out.

Go Utes!

You may know by now that I don't really follow sports, but I know that the Utes are in the Pac-12 now (whatever that means). Anyway, that has effected the infamous Holy Wars between BYU and the U as they're now in different divisions/conferences/whatever. Although the outcome of those games don't mean what they used to, it's still the one game that I'll pay attention to during football season.

In an effort to try new techniques, I attempted a herringbone for the first time. That didn't go as smoothly as planned. I really struggled with cutting scotch tape evenly, so instead I cut label stickers into small strips. Those weren't ideal either but I did the best I could! I really need to get some straight Nail Vinyls!!

I also tried acrylic paints for the first time to paint the Utes logo. I was excited to finally try them, and am really pleased with the result! I don't know why I've hesitated for so long to use them. In many ways it is sooo much easier to paint with them than with nail polish. I did struggle with how uneven it made the surface, which was hard to paint details over. I still feel like there were more advantages than disadvantages. I know for certain I will be using them again soon!

What I used:
love, charlotte xo by Color Club- (no name) red
Wet n' Wild Fast Dry Ebony Hates Chris- black
Sinful Colors Snow Me White- white
acrylic paints
Seche Vite topcoat

Here's what I did for last year's post. Oh how it wouldn't looked if I had used acrylic paint!

What do you think of today's mani? Do you ever like to represent your favorite team on your nails?

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