Monday, September 8, 2014

31DC2014 Day 07: Black and White and Stamped All Over

Heya everyone!
I've been practicing my stamping skills more often recently because I am determined to master it. Well all that practice must have paid off because today's mani is a stamping WIN! I am so pleased with how this turned out. This is the boost in confidence that I needed! That's right, stamping. You don't scare me anymore.

On my middle finger I stamped with the same polka dot image twice. I did it first in white, and again in black over top and to the side.

What I used:
Zoya Purity
Wet n Wild Fast Dry Ebony Hates Chris
Konad Special white
Konad Special black
MoYou London Hipster 07 stamping plate
MoYou London Pro XL 01 stamping plate

Here's what I did for last year's 31DC2013 Black and White post. Check it out, I really like that one!

I love wearing a black and white mani. It's eye catching and goes with everything. I wonder why I don't do them more often? Maybe because I have a bajillion colors that I don't want to neglect more than I need to.

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