Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Pretty Serious Cosmetics Pastels Pet Names Collection

Hello dolls! You may remember my negative space rainbow feathers from last week where I showed off the watermarbling power of these bright pastels? Well as promised I have swatches of the Pretty Serious Cosmetics Pastel Pet Names Collection to share today. This collection is part of "The Well Meaning But Ultimately Quite Awkward Pet Names" series. Don't you just love that? A pretty epic title if you ask me.

Formula and Application: 
Pretty Serious Cosmetics is vegan, cruelty free, and 3 Free (meaning no Dibutyl Phtalate, Formaldehyde or Toluene). The Pastel Pet Names Collection consists of six bright pastel cremes. The formulas are fantastically smooth, creamy, and self level well. Five of the six were completely opaque in two coats. Even though these shades are bright, none of them are neon, and they dry down with a glossy finish. Also as I mentioned, and you can clearly see from my photo above, they are great for watermarbling. 

Bottle and Brush:
The bottles contain 11ml/0.37fl oz. At first I thought the cut of the brushes were different than I've seen before, with a diagonal cut on the bristles. After going through each one though I discovered that the others were the typical blunt cut at the end. I meant to ask about it but forgot to. I will report back when I find out! UPDATE: After speaking with the creator she informed me that they are supposed to be a regular straight cut and the diagonal ones are defective. She is speaking with their lab to fix the issue.

Fluffykins is a bright pastel pink creme. I'm going to sound really repetitive because they all have the same great formula. This was two easy coats, no top coat.

Peachie Poo is a glowing peach pastel creme. This was two easy coats, no top coat.

Little Duckling is a bright pastel yellow creme. This was the only one that took three thin coats, but was still easy to apply. Shown without top coat.

Bunny Foo Foo is a bright pastel mint green creme. This was two easy coats, no top coat.

Doodle Bug is a bright pastel baby blue creme. This was two easy coats, no top coat.

Cutie Patootie is a pastel purple creme, the only one that I wouldn't call "bright". This was two easy coats, no top coat.

Each polish retails for $7.37 USD/$9.95 AUD through their website, or they can also be purchased through one of their international stockist. These are currently sold out, but they will be restocked!

Pretty Serious

What do you think of this collection? Do the names tickle your funny bone like they do mine? Each shade is great own it's on, but if you're a watermarbling n00b I really recommend getting the whole collection!

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