Thursday, January 1, 2015

Royal Dansk Snowflake Mani

HAPPY NEW YEAR my dear Society Sisters!! I already have high expectations for this year, and I hope it is full of goodness for all of you!

This New Year's mani was inspired by the Royal Dansk cookie (I want to call them biscuits because I've been reading a lot of Brit lit lately) tin I bought for Christmas. These cookies were a holiday staple growing up, but it had been a few years since I bought a tin for myself. The long absence has been rectified and they will now be part of our traditions once again. They're so delicious, how could they not be?

I wanted to post this mani yesterday but was having technical difficulties with my computer. I'm hoping they can be resolved long enough for me to finish this..

If you're familiar with Royal Dansk cookies you'll recognize the signature navy blue and gold color scheme. For the blue I applied one coat of OPI OPI.. Eurso Euro, then layered one coat of I Love Nail Polish Atlantis on top. My tin has gold snowflakes against the blue background. I wanted to add a little more dimension so I did a second layer of snowflakes in white. 

This mani reminds me of a really awful one that I did back in February, my first post for 2014. Wow, my stamping looks so much better!

What I used:
OPI OPI.. Eurso Euro- navy
I Love Nail Polish Atlantis- multichrome flakie
Priti NYC Chrysanthos- gold
Konad Special Polish white
MoYou London Festive Collection 02 plate

I love it when a mani turns out just as you intended! There is so much depth with the flakies and double stamping. Win!

Ps- Did anyone else stay up WAY too late last night? I'm getting to old for this.. :P

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