Friday, January 23, 2015

L'Oréal Masked Affair Swatches and Review

I finally caved. After weeks of seeing mad hysteria (slight exaggeration) over L'Oréal Masked Affair I broke down and decided I needed to try it out for myself. This polish has been much sought after for its vibrant holographic formula, which is rare in drugstore polishes. This is actually my first ever L'Oréal polish. I've never tried it before so I wasn't sure what to expect. With all the hype built up around this shade I had some high expectations. I must admit.. I wasn't disappointed.

Masked Affair is a purple leaning light silver loose-linear holographic. It's very unique to any other holo I have in the overall look. The holo particles are larger flecks, which gives it more depth and almost looks textured. Though it isn't textured, it's not glossy smooth either. It wasn't the best holo formula application I've ever tried, but not the worst either. The formula is on the thin side. I applied it in three thin coats and didn't have any issues until there was a little dragging on my ring finger where I had applied too thick of a coat. These photos are all without topcoat.

A slightly different angle to show the shift of the rainbow.

Here's one in the shade. You can really see the larger particles here.

Masked Affair is part of the Dark Sides of Grey collection. As much as I've been avoiding any of the nail polish collections affiliated with Fifty Shades of Grey, this isn't officially one. For that reason I don't have a problem with purchasing it. The collection is comprised of eight shades, but this was the only one I had any desire to try.

I found my bottle at Rite Aid for $6. Although it may be hard to find because everyone is snatching it up, it should be available at multiple drugstores.

Conclusion: So did I really HAVE to have it? Well if you can't tell for yourself from the photos, it's totally gorgeous! I ended up wearing it all day without topcoat and it wore perfectly well. So the answer is YES, I did have to have it.

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