Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy Birthday Bowie! Love, Your Biggest Fan

Happy birthday to my favoritest recording artist of all time!! If you've followed Nail Polish Society for some time you may remember my two previous 'inspired by David Bowie songs manis'- my Let's Dance and Sound and Vision nails. If you're new to the blog, first of all, WELCOME! And I hope you like David Bowie manis, because this won't be my last.

For my birthday this past November I received the Bowie nail paraphernalia I'd been lusting after. I've been waiting for a special occasion to rock them. What could be more perfect than to help celebrate the British stud muffin's birthday?

My sister Mel was most generous in gifting me a bottle of Lucky 13 Lacquer Dance, Magic Dance and a
MoYou London Rockstar Collection 09 plate! Dance, Magic Dance is the purple-y color shifting topper that you see on top of the black. I have it over the white too, but the photos didn't pick it up. It looks quite lovely in person.

The MoYou London plate had been on my wish list forever. I'm happy to finally have it in my possession. Though if I'm going to be picky (I usually am), I would have liked to see more variety to the images, instead of mainly being based on his Aladdin Sane look. It needs at least a Jareth image. And a saxophone for goodness sake.

I am absolutely in LOVE with these Bowie water decals that I gifted myself from JanesTinyThings Etsy shop. They were $9 for a sheet of b&w and colored images, and totally worth the price. You should check out her shop and the other funky hand painted decals she has to offer. 

While we're on the subject, I thought I would rhapsodize a little more with a list of my favorite David Bowie albums. My intention was to make this a top 5 list, but I found it impossible to narrow it down to so few.

 TOP 10 FAVORITE ALBUMS (in no particular order):
  1. Never Let Me Down
  2. Hunky Dory
  3. Aladdin Sane
  4. Black Tie White Noise
  5. Low
  6. Space Oddity
  7. Ziggy Stardust
  8. Station to Station
  9. Let's Dance
  10. Tonight

Okay, just one more list. Again, I initially intended this to be a top ten list, but just couldn't abbreviate it to any less than 20. Even keeping it at 20 wasn't easy.

 TOP 20 FAVORITE SONGS (in no particular order):
  1. Never Let Me Down
  2. Starman
  3. Absolute Beginners
  4. Miracle Goodnight
  5. Tonight
  6. Breaking Glass
  7. Oh! You Pretty Things
  8. Heroes
  9. Soul Love
  10. Station to Station
  11. When I Live My Dream
  12. As The World Falls Down
  13. Time
  14. Space Oddity
  15. I Have Not Been To Oxford Town
  16. Let's Dance
  17. All The Young Dudes
  18. Golden Years
  19. Life On Mars?
  20. Never Get Old

Oh, and if you're wondering what's on my thumb, it's supposed to be an abstract bow tie. Don't worry about it.

What I used:
Sinful Colors Snow Me White
Lucky 13 Lacquer Dance, Magic Dance- color shift topper
It's So Easy Stripe Rite black
MoYou London Rockstar Collection 09 plate
You Remind Me Of the Babe nail decals

Fellow Bowie-philes, what are your favorite albums/songs?

Oh yes, and I baked this birthday cake for you. You're welcome.

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