Wednesday, October 9, 2013

33 Day Challenge Day 08: Chevrons

I love chevrons (seriously, who doesn't?), so I was looking forward to today's Challenge post. In my Inspired By a Book post I tested out some nail tattoos for the first time. In the set there were three patterns, and this chevron pattern was one of them. I had a much easier time using them this go around, which was a relief. I love how colorful they are! Speaking of the colors, I'm realizing how Spring-like they look. This mani is for all you Southern Hemispherians. :)

I started off with a base color on all of my nails, Sephora by OPI The Way Tutu His Heart. The formula was a real big pain. It's a really pretty, soft color, but super streaky and sheer. I'm kind of glad I only have a mini bottle of it. 
I used striping tape to mask off some inverted "v"s. Then I painted each color on, carefully avoiding painting over the other side of the tape.  

The first time I tried the nail tattoos I followed the instructions on the box. Rookie mistake. Instead of dipping the transfer paper in water and then pressing it on the nail as per the instructions, I went the logical route. I placed the paper on the nail, then pressed a wet towel on top of it few a few seconds. Much better results! The cleanup was still kind of a pain, but manageable. I'm sure I could have masked off around the nail with tape to speed that up. I will try that next time.

I actually started this manicure last night with the intention of finishing it today. By mid morning the tattoos were already starting to show signs of wear. I did apply top coat, but maybe it needs two coats? It was bad enough that I just started all over. I'm glad I did because I would not have been as happy with the photos as I am now!

What I used:
Sephora by OPI The Way Tutu His Heart- light cream/pink
Essie Mint Candy Apple- mint green
Essie Angora Cardi- deep purple mauve
Zoya Lotus- smoky purple with pink shimmer
Barielle Darling Dahlia- fushia
Fing'rs EDGE Nail Tattoos Transfer Paper (purchased from Walmart)+

Have you used nail tattoos before? What was your experience with them?

Thanks so much for reading!

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