Monday, May 9, 2016

UberChic Mini Uber Mat (Black) Review

Hey there! Today I have a review of the UberChic Beauty Mini Uber Mat in black to share with you. My original Uber Mat is something I have used every day since I bought it and I can't live without it. Being such a fan, I was very interested in trying a mini and seeing if I liked it just as much. I wasn't sure if I really needed both, but now that I have the mini I've found so many uses for it!


The Mini Uber Mat measures 9"x 8". I've placed it over the original Uber Mat so you can see the size comparison. The original has ten nail templates, while the mini has twenty. The black mat is specifically designed for use with lighter polishes so they can be very visible.


The thing I love most about these mats is the multitude of uses. First off, I love to use it as a brainstorming tool. I'm not very good at drawing, so I don't keep my ideas in a sketchbook. So when I want to test out stamping images, color schemes, freehand art, etc, I do it all on the mat. Sometimes I get so many ideas at once that again, as an alternative to a sketchbook, I will leave the images that I like on the mat as a place holder to remember later.

These mini mats are especially useful for making decals. This is such a great alternative to doing something like a blobbicure or needle drag/dry marble straight on the nail when my success rate is about 50/50. While I wouldn't personally need all twenty templates for all of my nails, I will often fill them all up with decals and then I pick out my favorite ones. That way I'm not re-doing my nails until I get it right.

Decals are also great for anything messy like a gradient or splatter manicure that you don't want to have to clean up. Gradients can be a little tricky though, because the more you work them, the more likely they are so start peeling off the mat before you're ready.

At first I didn't see a huge advantage to using this black mat as opposed to the clear because I use my clear over my black table anyway. The black does help the lighter polishes pop even more, but I found a better reason to like it. The BEST thing for me about having the black version was testing out stamping polishes!

Removal and cleanup:

I love that cleanup is such a snap and takes almost no effort. If I'm removing a "fresh" decal to apply to my nails I will carefully peel it off using tweezers. If I have a decal that's more dried out, the quickest thing for me is to just roll my index finger underneath the mat and it lifts right off. Anything remaining can be removed with acetone, and it's good as new. 

Lastly, I had to show you my blobbicure mani from the decals I made on the mat!

The Mini Uber Mats is available in clear and black and retails for $7.99. You can purchase it at UberChic Beauty's website or another distributor.

UberChic Beauty

Tell me what you think! Do you own any of the Uber Mats? Would you prefer a large or mini mat, or both like me?

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