Saturday, February 20, 2016

G.N.O.M.E. Box February 2016

Howdy everyone! How is your Saturday shaping up so far? Today I have some swatches for you from the February G.N.O.M.E. box I recently purchased. After being so pleased with trying the box for the first time last month (I reviewed it here), I knew I would be looking out for future releases. But maybe last month's was just a fluke. I was hoping it was a least, so I didn't feel the need to spend more money! Well you don't have to guess how I felt about these polishes, because obviously I shelled out the money again. Now let's see how I liked them in person.

You Gnome Me So Well by Rica is a lavendar linear holographic with micro purple flakies and gold flakes. I am just dying for Spring colors right now so this one was a must have. I really love the addition of the gold flakes that add a subtle richness to it. Like if a Leprechaun wore a purple holo, this would be it. The first coat was slightly patchy, but it covered just fine after a second coat. This is without top coat.

Heaven Gnomes by Stardust Polish is a deep rose fine micro glitter with pink, purple, blue, gold, and holographic glitter. The sparkle and combination of glitters is so pretty here. My camera didn't pick up the amount of holo in this one. Similar in formula to "Emily" (it's named after me!) that I reviewed here, it is slightly textured, but not enough to be snaggy. It does really drink up the top coat so if you want it shinier and smoother, I'd go with a second helping. The formula is great and it gives complete coverage in two coats.

Gnome On The Range by Nvr Enuff is a gray-leaning sky blue with soft linear holo and different sized silver flakies. This is the one that pushed me over the edge and I knew I had to buy this. The color is simply gorgeous. Still I have never tried this brand before so the quality was yet to be seen. I was so pleased with the smooth application. This was two perfect coats, no top coat. 

All three shades are exclusive to this set that retails at $24 plus shipping. There was a limited amount for sale, and are only just a few left. So if you want this I would buy it NOW (if they're not gone already). They are available only on Rica's Etsy store

What do you think of this box? Were you able to grab one?

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