Monday, July 7, 2014

OMD2 Challenge Day 4- Bright

Happy Monday lovelies!
Well it's only a week into the Oh Mon Deux 2 Challenge, and I'm already a few days behind! I knew I wouldn't be able to do every single prompt, but I want to do as many as I can. So you might see me posting some a little out of order (notice yesterday was my Day 6 post, and today is my Day 4). I was so excited to do this BRIGHT water marble, and I just love how it turned out!

It was a relief that I found polishes that worked together for this water marble without too much trial and error! Sometimes it can take me ages to find the right combination of polishes that spread well in the water. The great part about doing a water marble is once you find that perfect combination, the rest of the process goes by in no time. You know how I can spend hours and hours on some of my manicures. With water marble, you're forced to do it quickly or else it won't work. Hmm, maybe I need to do more water marbles to help with my time management issues, haha!

Bright colors always cheer me up, and this mani made me so happy! I know I should be working on the other prompts, but I don't want to take it off! :)

This is the first water marble I've added dots to. I've seen it many times before and loved it. I thought they fit really well in this design and the effect is awesome. What do you think?

What I used:
OPI My Chihuahua Bites!- orange/red (also on my index and pinky)
OPI Where Did Suzi's Man-Go?- melon
OPI I Just Can't Cope-acabana- yellow
Sinful Colors Island Coral- coral

Do you like bright colors as much as I do? Of course I still love dark, vampy shades too. But this mani was like sunshine on my nails!
One more thing- I have something exciting to celebrate at the end of this week! Any guesses what that might be? Make sure to stay tuned!

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