Friday, March 29, 2019

Cirque Colors The Metropolis Spring/Summer 2019

Hello lovelies! I have the very unique and unexpected Cirque Colors The Metropolis Spring/Summer 2019 Collection, a 5-piece creme collection inspired by New York. The formulas as expected from this brand are all really good and even though I gave some of these shades the side eye, I really like how they look together. Let's get to the swatches..

Wall St. is a rich olive green creme. Shown is two coats plus top coat.

Beatnik is a pickle green creme. I thought this shade would look like poop on me but actually doesn't look awful with my skin tone. It's so interesting! Shown is two coats plus top coat.

Vanderbilt is a pale yellow ochre creme. Another really unique shade that took me by surprise. It's yellow but almost has a butterscotch look to it. Shown is two coats plus top coat.

Met Steps is a soft light peach creme. With a careful hand you could probably get away with two coats. Shown is three coats plus top coat.

Here's a comparison with Cirque Colors Lox and Sable which is brighter and more pink than Met Steps.

Maria Maria is a bright poppy red creme. Shown is three coats plus top coat.

I am really enjoying how these shades look together so I did a couple of nail art looks. For this first one I used Beatnik, Maria Maria, Maniology Coconut stamping polish, and Maniology MXM005 stamping plate.

I went with an ombre look for this second mani using Wall St., Beatnik, Vanderbilt, and Maniology BM S326 stamping plate.

The Metropolis S/S 2019 collection is available now. Each polish retails for $12.50 and can be purchased at

Cirque Colors

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