Monday, July 15, 2013

Pastel Watermelon Gradient

This was my first attempt at a gradient and I love the colors I chose. I had been looking at these colors wondering what they'd look like together. I figured using a sparkly polish to experiment with gradients would be an easy way to start. The two I used are OPI Dazzle Me and Princesses Rule!.

I LOVE the way these sparkle in the sun. OPI Dazzle Me was the first "green" polish I ever bought. This is really one they should have kept around. It's a beautiful sea foam silvery green. I think the lighting it looks best in is under street lamps in the dark. I noticed that one time when I was driving at night and I looked at my hands on the steering wheel. Distracted much? I promise I didn't create any accidents!

In the shade.

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