Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Striping Mani

I finally got my striping tape in the mail yesterday! Dang China, why are you so far away? Seriously it took over three weeks to get here. I've been wanting to play with it for so long now. What to do, what to do? There are so many options but I started simple, since I have no experience with it yet. I went with Essie Mamba and DJ Play That Song.

I did two coats of Mamba and tried to do a thick coat of DJ Play That Song since I had to take off the tape while it was still wet. I guess I should have used more opaque colors? It ended up a little too thick. When I went to bed I thought my mani was dry enough, but when I woke up there were dents all over. Either I used too many coats or I should have stayed up longer. I still loved the color combo. I got a lot of compliments too. They must have not seen it up close. Also I used Seche Viche top coat and really noticed the shrinkage this time, all around the nail.

Right hand:

I was somewhat surprised that my right hand didn't turn out much worse than my left. So that either means that my left-handed skills are greatly improving, or it's sad that I can't even do much better with my right hand. Either way...
I am really looking forward to trying lots more color combinations. Yay! I have hope that my skills will improve each time.

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