Monday, July 31, 2017

Madam Glam One-Step Gel Polish Swatch and Review

Hello ladies! I am starting off this week with a small but happy post! I have been blogging about nail polish for over four years and had yet to try out gel polish. Honest to goodness it just intimidated me. I have worked so hard to get to my nails as strong and healthy as they are and I was afraid that if I didn't know what I was doing with gel polish that I would mess them up. I am so happy to report that my first experience was really successful!

Madam Glam sent me three one-step gel polish shades along with a LED lamp to cure with. With the one-step gels there is no base or top coat needed, just straightforward application of the color. Since I was swatching and needed to remove them easily I used Unt base coat, a peel-off base coat that made removal a snap. I'll tell you more about each shade below..

Pink Cherub is a medium rose/bubble gum creme. This shade of pink looks great on my skin tone and I can see myself wearing it often. I did three very thin coats, curing between each one. This was the first one I applied and I started messing around with the surface to test it out. That made it dull so I applied a fast dry top coat for photos.

Edelweiss is a yellowish pale nude creme. It took me four coats to reach opacity, which felt like a bit much. I thought I'd get a lot of use out of this one but am not crazy about four coats. No top coat.

Lolita is a medium pinkish grape purple creme. This was another really flattering shade and it applied the best. I almost got away with two thin coats on a couple of nails, but applied three on all of them anyway. No top coat.

You can purchase the One Step Gelpolish from Madam Glam, along with their regular nail polish and other gel polish products. Each shade I reviewed retails for $19.95 for a 10ml bottle.
Madam Glam

Overall I was really pleased with my first gel polish experience. I liked all three colors, but I think I would still like to use a top coat just so the polish could retain its shine. Are you so proud of me for finally trying out something I wasn't comfortable with? I feel like this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. ;)

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