Wednesday, June 7, 2017

piCture pOlish Spring 2017 Releases + Comparisons

Hello lovelies! I have six of the newest shades from piCture pOlish to share with you. Free was released a little earlier as a gift with purchase but I'm including it in this post with the other five. As you can see, all of these shades fall in the blue and green color families. You would think that might be a little boring but not at all as they are all so different!

Free is a shifting teal to blue jelly scatter holographic. It's really complex and a perfect peacock color. This was a one coater, but I applied two anyway. Shown without top coat.

Here's a comparison with Free and Mermaid. You can see they're both pretty similar in color, but the finishes are very different.

Soul is a deep blue/purple jelly with scatter holographic and holo hex glitters. Great formula and super sparkly! Shown is two coats plus top coat.

Here's a comparison with Soul and Freya's Cats. My photo makes them look a little more similar than they are. Soul is a little more purple in person.

Mermaid is a deep teal/turquoise creme/jelly with scatter holographic and holo hex glitters. This shade is highly pigmented and more creme than jelly which really hides the glitters. Shown is two coats plus top coat.

You can see Mermaid is much more blue than Meow and more saturated than Free and Ocean.

Blue is a saturated cobalt blue creme. This color is just gorgeous and I know I'll get a lot of use out of it. Really great formula and smooth application. Shown is two coats, no top coat.

This photo actually turned out spot on! Showing Blue compared to Freya's Cats and Forget Me Not.

Surf is a bright aqua blue creme. The formula was not completely self leveling but would be fine after a top coat. Shown is two coats, no top coat.

Once again these colors were hard to capture exactly. Surf if a little brighter and more saturated in person. You can see in comparison that Salt Water and Whimsy are lighter, and Fool's Gold is more turquoise. 

Oasis is a vibrant green creme. This shade is absolutely impossible to photograph correctly! It's both deep and bright at the same time and my camera couldn't handle it. With editing this was the best I could do. The formula is a little thin and dries semi matte. Shown is three coats, no top coat.

Although I couldn't get Oasis to photographic accurately this should give you a better idea of the color. Chillax is lighter and more minty blue in comparison and Marine is darker and teal.

You can purchase these shades from the piCture pOlish website or one of their international stockists.

What are your favorite shades? I like them all but if Mermaid had been made a little more jelly like it would have been my favorite. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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