Thursday, May 4, 2017

Mont Bleu Nail and Cuticle Care Tools Review

I have a few nail care products from Mont Bleu to share with you today. This brand's crystal nail file was the first one I ever tried a couple years back and it was a game changer! I've been looking forward to trying more of their products ever since. Let's take a look!

I received two files from Mont Bleu, a large and a small. Their files are made with Czech tempered glass, are easily cleaned, and have a lifetime guarantee on the filing surface. Both are decorated with Swarovski Elements and come in a black protective case. I personally find it more comfortable to use the smaller size, but the larger one is good when you want more of a filing surface. As I mentioned above, I love these files. They are such high quality and file so super smoothly and quickly at the same time.

The next product is these two-in-one nail & cuticle combination scissors. This is my first time ever using scissors to cut down length on my nails and I actually really like it! It's much more precise than using clippers. I didn't have anything length to take off my fingernails so I used them on my toenails and they cut very smoothly. You can use them to trim off dry cuticles but I'm not comfortable enough using them for that yet and still prefer nippers.

Last up I have a set of two tools: a cuticle pusher and nail cleaner. I love that these are stainless steel so that they can be sanitized. Can I be honest and say that I usually push my cuticles using my fingernail or with whatever's laying around. Well no more! Because this tool is so much better. It has a rounded edge so it doesn't scratch my nails and it just plain works better. The nail cleaner is good for removing dirt from under your nails. You just want to be careful because the tip it pretty pointy.

Treat yourself and use the code "BLOG" for 20% off your purchase from the Mont Bleu website. You can also find their products at their Amazon store. For business owners interested in a partnership they have a wholesale website.

Mont Bleu

I mentioned in my most recent post (here) how much I love crystal glass nail files. Seriously if you don't have one yet, get on it! Mont Bleu offers a big variety of sizes and you're sure to find one you love. I was happy with all these products and really would recommend them all.

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