Monday, July 24, 2017

My Favorite 16 posts in Four Years of Blogging

I started compiling this list a couple weeks ago but it's taken until now to finish it. My original plan was to do a list of my top eight post from the last four years. I browsed through all 590 post I've done so far and came up with over 50. I worked on whittling it down as much as possible and finally settled on my favorite 16 instead. Even that was next to impossible so I fudged a little with some "honorable mentions" at the end. I hope you enjoy this stroll down memory lane!


I'm starting off this list with the OG.. OG (laugh nerds, laugh). So many of my favorite posts come from the 31 Day Challenges. This was from my first Challenge in 2013, just a few weeks after I started blogging. It was a great way to jump in head first and discover how much I enjoyed nail art! This Phantom of the Opera mani has also been one of my most re-pinned manis.

I was so incredibly proud of myself for creating this Bansky mani, after hours and hours of sweat and tears. This was a huge motivation for me to keep at it and not to be afraid to try hard things. (I still get afraid, but I am better at pushing through)

*Sashay, Shante* This was the post where I really discovered how creative I could be, and I had so much fun with it. It involved much laughing to myself, lol.

As you might have detected from the post above, I am a very silly person. This Cheeseburger in Paradise mani shows off that side of me perfectly.

This rainbow swirl mani is so simple, yet it's been one of my favorites ever since. In fact, rainbow manis are usually my favorites, even though this was the only one to make it on the list.

This is another 31 Day Challenge mani, this time from 2014. I came pretty far from the one the year before, don't you think? I was inspired by the Idea of Happiness by Van She album cover art. I had been listening to that album constantly to help me focus on writing, something I always struggle with.

Here is another mani that tickled my funny bone, but it's also beautiful at the same time! I recommend reading the original post for the backstory ;).

I fell in love with this spooky and elegant mani when I created it, and it's still my favorite Halloween one I've done yet!

This Lonesome Dove inspired mani has one of my favorite gradients I've ever done. The color combo turned out SO gorgeous!

I had an idea for this sparkly gold ice cream mani, and I implemented it perfectly (perfect for me). That's so rare. This is one of my favorite KBShimmer polishes ever too.

When selecting my initial list of favorite posts I noticed that there was a reoccurring theme. At least five of those were using the Pretty Serious Pastel Pets polishes. It was obvious to me that it is one of my favorite collections ever!

This is my only post in this list that isn't nail art, but you didn't think I'd leave it out did you? This is my piCture pOlish collaboration shade Sisters, and I'm still so incredibly proud of it. Check out the original post to learn more about it. Then take a look at my Sisters Pinterest Board where many people have taken way better photos of this polish than I have.

Now we're getting into more recent territory and I just couldn't leave this post out. These are the best galaxy nails I've ever done, even before the stamping. I did three other looks I really love in the same review.

I had an idea of how I wanted this mani to turn out and I couldn't believe I ended up with something so beautiful! It looks simply delicious and now I need to go find some chocolate.

Here's another Halloween mani that I just love, partly because I think it could be worn year round. Would you do it?

I'm ending with this lovely watercolor mani because it's so purdy. I also really love all the other looks I did in this review post. 

Honorable mentions:

That's it! What do you think of the selection? Let me know what your favorites are and if I left out any that you think I should have included. 

Thank you so much for all your love and support along this crazy blogging journey. Don't forget to enter my EPIC 4th Blogiversary Giveaway! 

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