Friday, April 28, 2017

Powder Perfect Stamping Plates + Stamping Polishes + Top and Base Coats Review

This post is looong overdue I am ashamed to say. I would try to explain my lame reasons but you know the saying, "Excuses are tools of incompetence". And sometimes I feel so incompetent! *Sob* Well I hoped I've made up for it by making some manis to inspired you! Powder Perfect has made three beautiful stamping plates and I've done a couple different looks with each plate. I used five of their stamping polishes (Black, White, Gold, Silver, and Orange) for all of them and I love how well they stamp. I've also reviewed a top coat and two base coats at the end of the post.

Art Deco 1
This plate has some really stunning images, it was nearly impossible to choose which ones to use. 

Products used:
Powder Perfect Robin Hood (green), Maid Marian (maroon flakie), White stamping polish, Mattificent Top Coat

Products used:
Powder Perfect Guinevere (purple holographic) and Silver stamping polish

Halloween 1
I like the range of images on this plate. It has cute images, spooky ones and textures- including some that you can wear outside of Halloween season. The stand alone images are pretty large. I like that a couple of them have a smaller version, but I wish more of them did, because some are just to large for me (and I have larger nails).

Products used:
Powder Perfect The Castle's Master (deep blue crelly), Bermuda (teal creme), and White stamping polish

Products used:
Powder Perfect White, Black and Orange stamping polish, Mattificent Top Coat
Orly Liquid Leather (black base), Pipe Dream Polish Whitewater (white base)

Egypt 1
This plate is so amazing! I love the subject matter- seriously who isn't fascinated with all things ancient Egypt? I like how the stand alone images are smaller and can fit more easily on the nail. I've used this plate before in this mani here.

Product used:
Powder Perfect Abydos (gold micro glitter), Lancelot (gold duochrome), Black and Gold stamping polish

Products used:
Powder Perfect Osiris (green micro glitter), Ra (silver/gold micro glitter), Scarab (blue micro glitter), Gold stamping polish

Left to right:
Mattificent Top Coat, Smooth Sailing Base Coat, Presto Peel Off Coat

Mattificent Top Coat: This quickly turns your polish matte- in just a minute or two. When using matte top coat over nail art, I always start with a shiny fast drying top coat first so it doesn't smear.

Smooth Sailing Base Coat: Can you tell this bottle has been much loved? I really really like how smoothly and evenly my polish applies with this as the base.

Presto Peel Off Coat: This is designed for easy removal of glitter polishes. It is effective in removal but it does take a bit to dry and not ideal for quick swatches.

All of the products in this post can be purchased from the Australian Powder Perfect website or the US Powder Perfect website.

Powder Perfect
US website

If you are a collector of stamping plates, or if you are just getting into it, I highly recommend these (especially the Art Deco 1 and Egypt 1 plates). I have got a ton of use out of these stamping polishes and recommend those too. And the Smooth Sailing Top Coat is one of my favorites too. Okay, okay, now tell me which is your favorite! Let me know in the comments below!

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