Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sunny's Body Products Exclusive July Sampler

Hello lovelies! Today's review is full of fruity Summer yumminess. I seriously smell like fruit cocktail right now and it's delicious! If you like fruity scents and hand/nail/body care products, you can't pass this one up! 

Cherry Pineapple Triple Thick Body Cream
A perfect mix of pineapples and sweet red cherries

This is a really nice body lotion that hydrates well and doesn't take long to sink it. I'm not a particular fan of the cherry scent, it smells like maraschino cherries which I don't like. My kids liked this one though. 

Wild Pineapple Vanilla Miracle Balm
Wild tart, crisp, beguiling and delicious with a splash of vanilla!

I generally like anything with vanilla and this is no exception. The miracle balm is rich and my cuticles really like it.

Pineapple Mango Sugar Scrub Cubes
A burst of succulent green mandarin, lemony citrus-kissed exotic mango and spiced pineapple combined with sweet milk and warm vanilla bean

How stinking adorable are these little soaps?! They have sugar granules inside so they exfoliate while they clean. They aren't moisturizing so you may want to apply some lotion afterward.

Pineapple Orange Hand Butter
Sweet & fresh, enticingly delicious

I am so addicted to Sunny's Hand Butter. It is the perfect consistency to slather my hands in every night. I really like the orange in this one, it compliments the pineapple well. 

Starfruit Mango Dry Spot Healer
Slightly creamy, exotic and sweet starfruit surrounded with melons and fresh picked island mangoes

I don't regularly eat starfruit so I can't say if this actually smells like it. It does however remind me of Starbursts, and I like the yummy scent. This is perfect for stubbornly dry spots. 

Pineapple Soda Lip Saver
A beautiful aroma of pineapple with a hint of fizzy goodness

I like how long lasting this lip balm is. The scent is very subtle, you mostly can smell it when it's in the tube.

Pineapple Cilantro Cuticle Oil
Sweet pineapple and creamy coconut, with a hint of cilantro accord connecting the top and base notes beautifully

Although I'm not a fan of eating cilantro, the scent of it adds a really nice touch to the fragrance in this oil. This is another great cuticle treatment that I use regularly.

The  Exclusive July Sampler retails for $23 and is available now through the website until the end of July. Shipping is free inside the US, and $10 internationally. 

Sunny's Body Products

What do you think of this sampler? Are these your types of scents? I bet you're hungry now... ;)

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