Friday, July 15, 2016

ABC Challenge: K is for Kawaii

Oh boy, here I am again so late in the day getting my ABC Challenge post done! Last night I spent a good hour on my original plan and it was a complete bust. By then it was too late to start something else, so here we are. I can't complain because I am just thrilled with how my design came out! This was actually my first idea before the other plan came about, so I think it was meant to be. 

It has been ages since I've freehanded a whole nail art look. This isn't a typical style for me either. I just adore the work that Carmina aka Cubbiful does on her blog, especially her "kawaii" creations. Something about cute happy things boosts my spirits. Back in January I recreated her adorable Polar Bear Nails that I had fallen in love with. While this isn't inspired by one of her designs, I did have in mind "What would Mina do?" the whole time.

Don't you think these two are just the happiest of friends?

What I used:
Ginger + Liz The Good Life- blue
China Glaze Lime After Lime- green
OPI I Just Can't Copa-cabana- light yellow
OPI The IT Color- medium yellow
white and black acrylic paints

I hope these nails put you in a good mood like they have for me all day! Do I really have to take them off?

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