Friday, June 24, 2016

ABC Challenge: H is for Holographic

Here we are with another week of the ABC Challenge! Who's excited? I am! I still feel as sleep deprived as I did last week, so I haven't accomplished much, but at least I got this done! 

For the letter "H" I went with every NPA's (nail polish addict) favorite... HOLO! Well, it may not be everyone's absolute favorite, but it's pretty darn popular. And for good reason too. There are so many types of holo, it wasn't easy to choose just which polish to go with. I had just received an order in the mail that included this stunning silver linear holo, Color Club Harp On It, so in the end it chose me.

For my two middle fingers and my thumb I did a water marble, using the bold graphic design of the circles. The other two nails are stamped using the UberChic Beauty 10-02 plate. On my index I started with Rica Blackout as my base color and stamped Harp On It on top. I did just the opposite for my pinky.

What I used:
Color Club Harp On It- silver linear holographic
Rica Blackout (for stamping)
Pipe Dream Polish Atrament (black for watermarble)
UberChic Beauty 10-02 stamping plate

I have held back from buying any of these Color Club Halo Hues up to this point. Now after experiencing how well this both stamp and water marble, I want them all!

Are you a holo fan? What's your favorite kind? I have to say I like to wear my holo a little more subtle, but the strong linears are so fun to photograph! Let's see what everyone else came up with for the letter "H" below.

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