Saturday, June 4, 2016

What's Up Nails Vinyl Stencils and Stickers Review

Hello everyone! How's your weekend shaping up so far? For today's post I have reviewed some What's Up Nails products, specifically their nail vinyl stencils and stickers. I had previously only tried their X-pattern stencil design (here and a modified version here), which I loved. So when the offer was extended to try some more designs for review I was all over that. I've done two different looks in this post. Read on to check them out!

The first look I have to show you is a punchy tropical sunset using the What's Up Nails Palm stickers and stencils. I have done similar looks before painting the palm trees on by hand, which can be a little time consuming. Using the stencils made short work of it and they were a breeze to apply. On the sheet there are different sizes as I've shown here, all with the same silhouette. 

Products used:
Philly Loves Lacquer Pinking Of You (I Drive Myself Crazy) (pink), We’ve Got It Glowin’ On (orange), Hip Hop Marmalade (coral), and Blue Kids On The Block (blue)
Rica Blackout
What's Up Nails Palm stickers

For my second look I used this elegant Fleur de Lis pattern. This is a look I know I could never achieve painting freehand. There are probably stamping plates out there with a similar image. But the thing that I love about vinyls is that you can use polishes in your design that wouldn't work well if stamped. This deep navy blue holo polish looks so striking against the pale pink. This stencil did take a little more effort. You can see I didn't do it perfectly, but in real life no one is looking that closely, are they?

Products used:
Powder Perfect Nottingham- navy blue holo
Powder Perfect Search The Kingdom- pink creme
What's Up Nails Fleur de Lis stickers and stencils

The Palm and Fleur de Lis stencils and stickers both retail for $3.75 a sheet and can be purchased through the What's Up Nails website.

What's Up Nails

What do you think of these looks? Do you like to use vinyl stencils for your nail art? What's Up Nails has so many good designs that I can't wait to use. Keep your eye out for more nail art using the other designs!

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