Friday, June 3, 2016

ABC Challenge: E is for Easy

Hello ladies! It's Friday and you know what that means over hear at Nail Polish Society, ABC Challenge day! I have been pretty busy lately and have had no chance to get ahead of things. It's been a little stressful to be honest. I didn't have a ton of ideas for today's "E" prompt. So when my sister suggested doing something "Easy", I jumped at the chance.

Funny thing is, whenever I think I'm doing something quick and easy, it never turns out that way. I thought I was being smart but using water nail decals to get some intricate nail art in a short amount of time. In reality it took about four attempts to get the decal on my ring finger right. And even though this is my fourth week of the challenge, I keep forgetting to do my thumb for my ASL alphabet photos. So actually, the "E" should probably stand for "Exasperating", haha.

Macros of water decals are always so fun to look at. From a distance they look so perfect, and then up close it's cool to see all the printed pixels broken down.

What I used:
OPI My Chihuahua Bites!- red coral creme
Pretty & Polished March With Me- blue glitter crelly
Powder Perfect Turtle Doves- ivory creme
Nicole Diary nail decal

Despite my frustrations in turning something to something hard, I hope you enjoyed the end results! I will let you know more about these nail decals and my experience with the other design in a review I have coming soon.

Let's see what that other ladies came up with this week for the letter "E" in the links below! Remember, if you'd like to participate in the ABC Challenge, don't hesitate to jump right in. All the information can be found in this post here.

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