Monday, June 6, 2016

KBShimmer Summer 2016 Collection + Exclusive Shade

*purchased by me

Happy Monday everyone! Last week I ordered some of the new KBShimmer Summer 2016 Collection polishes, received them on the weekend, and swatched them right out of the box! I couldn't wait! Of the six polishes I received, five of these are from their new Summer 2016 release, and one is a Facebook group exclusive. Every season KBShimmer comes out with an amazing collection with a wide variety of formulas and finishes that compliment each other so well. From the twelve released it was hard to narrow it down to these few, but I'm so happy with what I chose!

One Night Sand is a copper/rose gold metallic flake with scattered holo. I don't have any of the polishes from their Birthstone Collection, but this is the same type of finish. I've been wanting a metallic rose gold polish and finally I just had to have this one. It's so shiny and blingy, I totally made the right choice. This is two coats, no top coat.

The holo isn't visible in the shade, but the flakies are still shiny!

Super up close, it looks like two coats isn't enough for coverage, but it is for regular viewing.

Suit The Breeze is a gorgeous periwinkle blue with pink shimmer and violet micro flakes. This reminds me of my all time favorite Essie polish, Bikini So Teeny. The complexity is to die for even if the formula isn't the easiest to work with. The formula is on the thick side and doesn't self level completely. This was two thick coats, with top coat.

The pink shimmer was super hard to capture here, it's stronger in person.

Don't Play Koi is a white crelly with difference sized coral, aqua, and gray matte glitters. You may remember that I'm all about gray polish, and apparently gray glitters too. The combination of colors was too fun to resist. This was three coats plus top coat.

Neon Me is a white based crelly with medium circle and tiny neon matte glitters. So so fun and summery. This was three coats plus top coat.

Look how those neon glitters glow in the shade!

Playing With Buoys is a soft sage/mint green creme. The formula is amazing which made me love this even more than I thought I would. This was two perfect coats, no top coat.

Lastly I am sharing a Facebook group exclusive that I bought with my order. A Roaring Borealis is a deep blue/purple jelly with holo microglitter, berry pink glitter, and a strong green shimmer. There is so much depth and it has a lot going on, which I love for the most part. For my personal taste I feel like the shimmer is just a little too strong amongst all the other ingredients, but it's pretty striking nonetheless. This was two coats plus top coat.

Have you purchased any of the KBShimmer Summer 2016 collection? What do you think of my selection? I also purchased a couple mani bombs for the first time that I am really excited to try.

Have a great day! xoxo

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