Saturday, June 11, 2016

China Glaze Lite Brites Summer 2016 Collection

*purchased by me

Hello my nail polish people! Today's post is a long time coming. I have swatches of the twelve piece China Glaze Lite Brites Summer 2016 Collection to show you. I don't think I've ever done a post this big before, so it took me a while to complete. But boy, have I been dying to share these! If you haven't fallen in love with this collection yet, I will try to convince you now. I almost never buy entire collections from any brand. When I saw Smacker Lacquer's photos of the Lite Brites I was so impressed that I just went for it. No regrets, they are all as fabulous as I had hoped for. There's not a single one I don't like, and plenty that I love.  

I really wanted to do a good job showing off the formulas with glitter or shimmer, and it added up to a billion photos. So for the regular cremes I stuck with just one each, even though I don't love them any less. In case you wondered.

We Got The Beet is a gorgeous warm purple jelly with what I initially though was glass fleck, but turned out to be tiny iridescent gold glitters. The formula was pretty good- a little on the thick side and slightly sheer, but not sheer enough to bother me. This was two coats, no top coat.

I Got A Blue Attitude is a very blue purple. In the bottle it looks more purple, so the name was a little confusing. It appears more blue though once it's on the nail. There is very subtle blue shimmer that gives it that extra something. This was two coats, plus top coat.

Let's Jam is a lovely lavender with a contrasting blue shimmer. The formula was great and this was two coats, no top coat.

Whip It Good is a warm pastel neon yellow. A really great formula for a yellow! This was just two coats with some touch ups, no top coat.

Lime After Lime is a pastel neon green. Another surprisingly great formula. This was two easy coats, no top coat.

What I Like About Blue is a sky blue neon with a strong golden shimmer. I did two coats, plus top coat.

None Of Your Risky Business is a cheesy neon orange. Once again, this had a really good formula. It did take me three coats but it self leveled well. Shown without top coat.

Hot Flash is a gorgeous bright cherry red, with a hint of pink. As you would expect from a red, this was two perfect coats, no top coat.

Papa Don't Peach is a bright juicy orange jelly with tiny iridescent gold glitters. We Got The Beet has the superior formula as this one is thicker and more sheer. Still, it's a beautiful shade. This was two coats, no top coat

Lip Smackin' Good is a bright bubblegum pink with a pretty soft shimmer. This was two thicker coats with a little touch up, plus top coat.

I'll Pink To That is a hot Barbie pink creme. Another great formula with two easy coats, plus top coat.

Bite Me is a hot coral pink creme with gold shimmer. This is type of color that I love wearing on my toes all Summer long! A good formula, this was two thicker coats, with top coat.

My goodness, did you make it to the end? Are your eyes scorched by pure hot summery awesomeness? If China Glaze keeps making gorgeous collections with great formulas like the Lite Brites, I may need to buy each one again. Would that be a good thing or a bad thing? I'm not quite sure, but I have to say I LOVE how the collection looks together. I have spent way too much time staring at that bottle shot at the top, haha.

Let me know what you think! Do you have a favorite? What do you think of the collection as a whole? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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