Saturday, October 5, 2013

33 Day Challenge 05: Mexican

Hola! Como estas? That's as far as my Spanish goes, and it's probably wrong. Well, I know a little more, but it would be totally random and probably inappropriate. The prompt for the fifth day of the Challenge is "Mexican". So I came up with something fun and playful, a pinata with candy patterns!

I'm sure you noticed my nails are significantly shorter than in my last post. There was an incident with the nail on my index finger. It got somewhat mangled and I don't even know what happened. I frequently get injured and don't ever realize it until I notice a bruise or other sign of trauma. I guess I'm just tough like that.

I shaped my nails the best I could to work around that nail. The irritating part is that I have so many manicures that I am planning on doing and am excited about, but I don't think they'll look like I want them to while my nails are this length. So I'm going to just have to work with what I've got!

I started off with a different base color on each nail. Then I added the candy shapes. I made all of them with my Stripe Rite polishes which have tiny brush that you can make small detail with. I outlined them in white with another of those polishes. I made the pinata with my striping brush and the eye ball with a dotting tool.

What I used:
(base colors)
Sephora by OPI It's Totally Karma- green
Clinique Different Nail Enamel Pinkini- bubble gum pink
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Blue-Away- light blue
Sephora by OPI Paisley Attention to Me- orange
Sephora by OPI What Aura Gonna Wear?- bright medium pink

(candy colors)
It's So Easy Stripe Rite- medium bright blue (these polishes don't have names, these are descriptions)
It's So Easy Stripe Rite- bright pink
It's So Easy Stripe Rite- berry
It's So Easy Stripe Rite- white

(and a few other colors for the pinata)

What do you think? Muy bueno? I appreciate you all for visiting. Muchas Gracias!


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  2. Muy bonita y increíble! El trabajo que hiciste esta maravilloso! :)

    1. Lol. Um, did you get help with this? ;) Thank you!

    2. Ha ha! I totally got help. It took the hubster about ten minutes to help me figure out what to say and how to spell it.

  3. Ahaha! These are so fun, and they make me happy!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! I even wore them to a kids bday party. It was perfect.

  5. Those look fantastic! I am sorry you had to shorten them down, but they do look amazing with this mexican/piñata design ^^ Well done!

    1. Thank you! I know, poor me with my short nails, haha.

  6. These are simply beautiful, I really love the pinata nail its adorably cute! This is just perfect :) I'm sorry to hear about your nail trouble, I always hate that so much. I hope they grow quickly so you can get them back to the shape you want them xx

    1. Thank you! My nails are so thin and weak, it's really just par for the course. I'm just so glad they've behaved as well as they have for me!

  7. love the pinata! really love the theme aswell!


  8. I just love how happy and colorful they are! Also, you have long nail beds, so I wouldn't worry too much about the nails being a little shorter for now. It won't be long before they grow out.
    This is one of my favorite manicures to date.


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