Monday, October 3, 2016

31 Day Challenge 2016: In Review

Did y'all enjoy this year's 31 Day Challenge? I don't know if enjoy is the right word for how I felt during the process, but looking back on all these makes me really proud of what I accomplished! It's worth it just to have all that work together here in one place.

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Which one(s) was your favorite? It is reeeally hard for me to choose, I am attatched to so many of them. So that I don't go overboard with my list I'll stick with my top two: my Autumn Rays and Lonesome Dove manis. 

I tried this year to keep things simple and stuck to that plan for the most part. I'm so glad I did because it helped me retain most of my sanity. Even though I didn't plan the majority of my designs ahead of time I still found lots of inspiration- more than I expected. I may just do it again next year! I am especially happy with how much I improve each time with this challenge. For comparison check out my 2013 and 2014 roundup posts.

You can also find all these posts together on my Pinterest board!

xx Emiline xx

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