Tuesday, October 18, 2016

KBShimmer Misfits 2016 + Bundle Monster Sun Kissed Water Decals

*I apologize if you want any of these polishes because they're not available any more!* I swatched these polishes a few months ago and just haven't gotten around to writing a post. Even though they're not available anymore I wanted to show them off for anyone who hasn't heard about KBShimmer's Misfits. I hadn't heard of them before this summer but I believe that it's a yearly thing that the polishes that didn't quite make the grade are sold for a really great price of $5 or $6 dollars. With prices that good, I ended up buying eight of them (out of the 22 released). Looking at them the first reaction is, "Wait, these are misfits??" There are some truly stunning shades, just take a look and see!

Gettin' Brown to Business is a warm coppery brown metallic flakie and scattered holo. I don't own any others, but the formula is like those in the Birthstone Collection from what I understand. Very reflective and sparkly!

Sittin' On The Dock of the Bae is a deep teal jelly jam packed with small holo glitters. You'll see that there's another very similar one further down the post. It also resembles KBShimmer Carpe Denim which is still available online.

Sandals In The Wind is one of my favorites from this collection. It's a turquoise crelly with green, purple, and blue glitters. You may recognize it from a stamped nail art mani I did in this post.

Beet Box is a rich berry linear holo. This was my surprise favorite! The polish in the the bottle looks pretty enough, but once I applied to to my nail it looked absolutely stunning! When I post my swatches of the Fall KBShimmer polishes I purchased, I will do a comparison of this with Orchidding Me?.

Tank You Very Much is a medium gray linear holo with lots of different colors and shapes of glitter. I really liked this color in the bottle and the formula was good, but it didn't excite me once I had in on like I thought it would. It's nice, just not right for my skin tone.

Megapixies is a lavendar linear holo with gold shimmer and small glitters and sparse large gold hex glitters. This one is really pretty, but the ratio of hex glitters wasn't right for me. Without those it would have been perfect!

Fleek Show is a dark blue jelly filled with lots of medium to large glitters. As I mentioned above, it's similar to Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bae, which I liked better.

Water You Digits? is a aquamarine creme. I LOVED this shade but the formula was actually a disappointment. I think I ended up using four coats here. A slightly lighter shade with a much better formula is Playing With The Buoys which is available online.

Finally, here's a little nail art I did using a sheet of Bundle Monster "Sunkissed" Ocean & Plant themed water decals. These were the best water decals I've ever used. They were super easy to apply and super cute too!

Once again I I'm sorry that these polishes aren't available. As I mentioned with some of them, there are similar polishes available at KBShimmer's website that you may want to check out. The takeaway of this post is to keep your eyes out for the next time more Misfits are released. I am certain there will be a great selection once again and you won't want to miss them!

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