Friday, October 11, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Nails: Save the Ta Tas

I didn't initially have plans to do a Breast Cancer Awareness mani this month. It was when I was browsing Try My Hand's BCAM post, featuring half moons and french tips, that my genius idea struck. Then I couldn't wait to do this post, and I am endlessly amused by it.

See what I did here? PLEASE tell me you see what I did here. LOL.

I "enhanced" the half moons to be a little bigger than usual by reshaping a couple of paper reinforcements. First I applied a couple coats of nude polish and topped it with Seche Vite. When it was completely dry I used the paper reinforcements to mask off above my cuticles and painted the pink above it. Then I finished with another coat of SV.

I painted the ribbon on in like, two seconds. I wanted to do some fancy water marbling on a couple of my fingers, but finally gave up after an hour's worth (or more) of failed attempts. I finally settled on a sponge gradient on my thumb. Then as quick as I could, I painted a reverse gradient ribbon so I could finally be done!  I know this doesn't look like it took much time to do, but I tried a ton of stuff to finally end up with this. I'm so glad this is what I ended up with because I love it!

What I used:
paper reinforcements
Barry M Lychee- nude
Sephora by OPI What Aura Gonna Wear?- deep hot pink
Clinique Pinkini- bubble gum pink
Jenna Hipp Damage Control- pastel pink

This is for all you lovely ladies and gents(don't forget you have breasts too!). Be healthy and well!
Especially to anyone who has been, or has loved ones affected by this disease. Much love to you. <3


  1. Yes, I see what you did there :).

    I love it!

  2. I was looking for a little nip. :P

  3. I love half moons, and these look special! The gradient and the ribbon are lovely.
    I've chosen your blog for the "Versatile blogger award" as I believe you're so talented!


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