Wednesday, October 16, 2013

33 Day Challenge Day 11: 3D

Today was another fun opportunity for me to try something new.  A few days ago I was browsing Nailscope and knew I had found what I wanted to do for today's prompt. I took my inspiration from Elina's 3D nails post. And by inspiration I mean I did pretty much exactly what she did. Why mess with it if it works? Okay, I didn't want it to look exactly the same, so I did a gray-scale interpretation.

Elina's was smoother along the curves, and I would like to know how she achieved that. Mine looks a little more rugged. I think it still works either way.

I started with my darkest gray and applied one thick coat all over the nail. I tried as best as I could to keep it slightly thinner in the middle though. I knew it would be covered up and didn't want the layers so thick that it would never dry. I continued with the next lighter gray and so on until I painted the white on. I tried to keep the white at one thick coat, but had to go over and touch up a couple nails with another thin coat.

Then a finished with some sparkle, my favorite part of this look. I added something a little different with the holo hex glitter polish on my accent nail. I tried to load up the brush with glitter, with as little of the clear part of the polish as possible, with both of these glitter polishes. Some of the big glitters I had to apply with a small nail art brush because I couldn't get them to spread on the nail with the bottle brush. It was slightly frustrating, but I made it work in the end!

Do these nails remind you of anything? I kept having this feeling that they looked familiar. It took quite some time, but I think I figured out what it is. There is a life size Lego sculpture of a polar bear at our zoo. Naturally, it's white. But there are gray tones too where the shadows are. The polar bear doesn't have any glitter though.

What I used:
(from dark to light)
Sephora by OPI Break a Leg Warmer
Sephora by OPI Frankly I Don't Give A-dam
China Glaze Pelican Gray
Sephora by OPI White Hot
Sephora by OPI Meet Me at the Disco- small holo glitter
Sephora by OPI Beam Me Up Hottie!- big hexagonal holo glitter
Seche Vite top coat

photo source:
On a final note, this mani dried just fine with the Seche Vite. Yay!


  1. I really like your interpretation! Beautiful.

  2. Hei, nice to see that you tried it! :) Your interpretation looks sooo great! Love gray colors!

    And about smoother curves... I think it depends from nail polish brush. Wider is better and easier to work with. :)


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