Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mr. and Mrs. Q.T. Spider

I'm trying to squeeze in some more Halloween nail art before the holiday is past. This fun little mani was inspired by my three-year-old son. A couple weeks ago we were making Halloween decorations out of construction paper. As I was putting together a girly spider (I didn't want it to be scary), he put in a request for a boy spider. I was stumped as to how to make one look like a boy, when he suggested it be anatomically correct. I was too busy busting a gut, that I never came up with a more appropriate solution, and it never got made. After hearing the story, my Aunt was the one who pointed out the obvious- just add a mustache! Duh.

I hate spiders as I'm sure most of you do. If you like them, more power to you. But I think there's a little room in my heart for Mr. and Mrs. Spider.

I made the spiders' bodies, lips, and mustache using my large striping brush. I made the legs with my It's So Easy Stripe Rite polish. I used the same polish in white for the spider webs. The eyes were made using two different sizes of dotting tools.

Aren't they so cute? My son approves, but also thinks Mr. Spider looks like the Lorax.

What I used:
Zoya Dove- gray
Sephora by OPI What's a Tire Jack?- black
Sephora by OPI White Hot- white for the eyes
OPI Red Hot Ayers Rock- red
Zoya Flynn- brown
It's So Easy Stripe Rite in white
It's So Easy Stripe Rite in black

Are you tired of Halloween manicures yet? I know I'm not. I have so many ideas that I haven't had time to do. They will just have to sit and wait until next year. I'm really hoping I can get at least one more done!


  1. This is absolutely my new favorite!!

  2. I LOVE this! Its so original! I think I've fallen in love with this little mustache QT :D I've managed one Halloween mani so far but I've not really been feeling festive for it, opps! xx

    1. Thank you! I understand, sometimes you just aren't feeling a certain holiday. I'm that way with most of them with the exception of Halloween.

  3. Oh my gosh this is super cute!!

  4. So flippin cute! Finally, some spiders that I would be ok with in the corner of my bedroom ceiling.


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