Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tutti Fruitti Polka Dots

This is the first full-out manicure utilizing my dotting tools. They arrived in the mail from Amazon a few weeks ago, and I have been intending to do one of these ever since. In all honesty, I waited this long to do one because I don't like dots as much as I do other designs. It was good though to try it and see if I could do it. More practice will do me good. Anyhow, I think the colors are really cute together.

Compared to my right hand, this one turned out much better. I did the dots on my ring finger last, but forgot that when I put my top coat on. I was going to wait a few more minutes so that it wouldn't smudge. The second I put the brush to my nail I realized my mistake, but there was no going back. I know, the drama I face with nail polish. I bear it all so well. Fortunately, it wasn't that disastrous. 

I think this is the only thing I own with polka dots.

What I used:
Jenna Hipp Damage Control- pink
Sephora by OPI I'm Wired- coral
Out the Door top coat

Do you own anything with polka dots? What do you think the pattern looks best on?

Thanks for reading! Smiley face! Hearts!


  1. Suuuuuper cute! Polka dots are such a happy pattern. Personally, I would reserve polka dots for small things like a headband, jewelry, or nails. Although, with smaller dots I would feel comfortable wearing a polka dot shirt or dress.

    You're getting better all the time, Emiline!

    1. Thank you! If they are happy, maybe I need more things polka dot.


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