Monday, August 12, 2013

Desert Sunset Gradient

This is my first gradient using the sponge method. With my previous gradient seen here, I just brushed the colors straight on the nail trying to blend them together. It was fun experimenting with a new tool.
I was looking for something to incorporate Essie DJ Play That Song because I love it so much and want to use it more often. I felt like the end result looked like a desert sunset in Colorado, with the ambient light turning the red rocks purple. Do you see it too?

As you can see, I had better luck with some of the nails than others. I had a little accident with the middle one and tried to patch it up, so it ended up with the darkest tip. I absolutely love the gradient look. I plan to practice the technique more so I can incorporate it often in future designs!

The tutorial I followed most closely was from Chalkboard Nails and can be found here. It was from her Beauty and the Beach Nail Art which is pure AWESOMENESS! It features a few different techniques, and the sponge gradient part is at the beginning of the video. Eventually I want to try the entire tutorial, but I think I need some more practice first.

What I used:
Essie DJ Play That Song- purple
Essie Madison Ave-hue- bright mauve pink
Essie .....??- Unfortunately I have a number of polishes with their labels missing :(. I have a couple of Label Monsters at home that delight in taking them off. So the color closest to the cuticle is a light pink, with slight peach tones. I wish I could remember the name!

What do you think? Do you love this trend as much as I do?

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  1. I've seen this technique before on Pinterest and have been dying to see someone try it in real life. I think it's super cool!


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