Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Jenna Hipp What's Hot Now Collection Swatches and Review

I heart Costco. I really do. I even read "The Costco Connection", a magazine that features articles about people who have their weddings at Costco. Well at least they met at Costco, went on dates there, and bought the wedding dress, cake, flowers, and honeymoon from there. I may not be quite that big of a fanatic, but I sure get excited when they sell nail polish!
So I have a bunch (12!) of swatches and reviews from the Jenna Hipp What's Hot Now Collection. It features 12 minis with four pastels, four jewel tones and four "glitz & glam". Are you ready for a really long post?
Let get straight to polish, shall we?

                                   Pastels: Tweet Me, Hashtag, Damage Control, Freshmaker

Tweet Me- banana creme, 3 coats, went on very streaky but finished well.

Hashtag- soft peach creme, 3 coats, was streaky but finished well.

Damage Control- pastel pink creme, 3 coats, also streaky but finished well.

Freshmaker- mint creme, 3 coats, not as streaky as the previous three but still needed that third coat.

Jewel Tones: Private Getaway, Room Service, Look Hot Feel Cool, I Can Afford It

Private Getaway- red coral creme/jelly, 3 coats, very smooth application.

Room Service- raspberry red creme/jelly, 2 coats, very smooth application (the easiest of the bunch).

Look Hot Feel Cool-  green/teal shimmer, 2 coats, smooth application. This photo looks dark, but I feel it best represents how the polish looked on my nails.

With flash to show blue shimmer.

I Can Afford It- dark purple with blue shimmer, 2 coats, decent application. I had the same issue here getting the color to look true, but I think this is pretty close.

With flash to show blue shimmer.

Glitz & Glam: Hollywood Reporter, After Party, Awards Season, Editor's Pick

Hollywood Reporter (shown with Freshmaker)- hex and round holographic glitter, 1-2 coats, this took some effort to work with. I had to dig around in the bottle a little to get enough glitter on the brush.

After Party (shown with Damage Control)- hex and round rose glitter, 1-2 coats, same issue here with getting glitter on the brush. I forgot top coat here (oops), so it looks a little messy.

Awards Season- soft gold metallic, 2 coats, easy application but with visible brush strokes. 

Editor's Pick- black olive with gold, red, and green shimmer, 2 coats, good application. What a coincidence, this is my pick too!

So I really debated whether I wanted to swatch this collection, but in the end I wanted you all to see it. It took me way too long to finish them all. I'm such a slacker. You may also notice my thumbnail got busted after I started. Even in my struggles with the photos, I think it's still an improvement from my last swatches. 

More thoughts on the product: 
I really do like each color in the collection, with Editor's Pick being my favorite. The formula for the pastel colors were the hardest to work with, as they usually are. Private Getaway and Room Service do look really similar both in my photos and in person. Awards Season was fairly streaky, as metallics often are, but I liked how soft of a gold it was. Lastly, I love how the bottles fit together!

Ever since the collection was released I have seen it "sold out" on, but I found a ton at my local warehouse. The best part? It was only $14.99!

What do you think of the collection?


  1. The price is awesome! I think I might go for this bunch as a surprise for my 4 year old daughter. Also, I love Editor's Pick as well, but really like I Can Afford It. I am interested in seeing it in person. Purple is my daughter's favorite color, and even though I never used to like it, I have really started to see it through her eyes. Thanks for letting me see each color on your amazingly awesome nails.

    1. The jewel tones are the easiest to work with, so she would love the purple. The pastels take a little more finesse. If she's patient enough they would be cute.

  2. Wow! This must've taken forever! My favorites are Hashtag and Freshmaker. And I really like the look of the glitter. It adds a whole new dimension of fun.


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