Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bikini So Teeny Ombre

The ombre look was one that was at the top of my to do list. This trend was one of the main inspirations for me to try experimenting with nail art. I love that it's so simple yet has interest to it. I also appreciate that it doesn't take much skill at all to accomplish. Always a bonus, right?

Here is a looksy at my first ombre attempt:

I started with Essie Bikini So Teeny on my middle nail. Next I mixed some of the color with a couple drops of white polish on a palette. I painted that color on my ring finger with a brush from a bottle I had emptied and cleaned out. Then I added a couple more drops of white to the mixture for my pinky, and painted it. Before I started with the darker colors I cleaned off the brush in acetone. I put some more base color on the palette and added some black polish, mixed, and applied to my pointer finger. I repeated the process on last time for my thumb, adding just a little more black. Then I finished it off with topcoat! Ta-da!

If you haven't tried this before but think it looks fun, go try it! My variation is fairly subtle (my husband said he didn't think anyone would notice it), but I still got compliments. More importantly, I really loved it myself.

Important Tips :
1. I made sure to paint each color on both hands before moving on the the next color.
2. If you know anything about painting you probably know that a little black changes the color much quicker than a little bit of white. Well, I'm not a painter. I added WAY too much black to the mixture on my first try. So just go easy with it and add in much smaller amounts.

For my second time I think I'll make it more dramatic to see which I like better. Any suggestions for the color?


  1. Very cool! And it sounds very doable. Thanks for including those tips. I'm pretty sure that if I had tried it I would have painted the nails on one hand before realizing that I'd have to start the process all over to paint the nails on my other hand. How about a rose color next? Or maybe a coral?

  2. Ooo, coral would be pretty! Let me know if you try it, I want to see.

  3. How about shades of green? ;)
    Seriously though, I think coral or shades of orange would look really hot for summer!


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