Monday, August 19, 2013

Retro Airline Stewardess

It was time for me to break out my striping tape again! I think the design with these colors resulted in a retro look, something associated with an airline. I can just picture a stewardess with her hair full of Aqua Net, wearing a scarf with this pattern.

I started with my thumb and loved how it turned out, but I still wanted a little variety. My husband suggested I change up the direction on each nail. I think it gives it a little more visual interest. It all went fairly swimmingly, until I applied the top coat. Then it streaked a little where some of the polish went on too thick. It was pretty hard getting the right amount of polish into those small spaces. I think next time I try something like this I will apply it with a nail art brush.

I think my thumb turned out the best. 

 As I was photographing this and feeling like I want to fly somewhere, I realized the photos needed some wings. This pin was my Grampie's who was a Major in the US Air Force. He served two tours in Vietnam, and a number of other conflicts. It was fun to work on this and think of him. Maybe I should do something Air Force themed in the future!

What I used:
Essie Bikini So Teeny- light blue
OPI Dating A Royal- navy blue
OPI Miami Beet- maroon

Does this make you want to fly somewhere?


  1. Love it! It looks exactly like a flight attendant's scarf. I have one of Grampie's pins, too!

    1. Thanks! Funny that it wasn't what I was going for, but was a fun surprise.

  2. This is awesome, I love how visually interesting all the stripes are! Definitely reminiscent of an attendants scarf. ^___^b

    1. It's good to know I'm not imagining things, sometimes I never know. :)

  3. Love it, Em!! I love my nails, too!

  4. This one is so cool! Why do I not have one of his pins? I seem to remember there being a few floating around - I need to get one of those.


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